The Action Mapping Project (AMP) is a youth-oriented and community-based project in Tacoma, Washington.

AMP fosters neighborhood change through data production, education, and direct action.

AMP conducts annual activities that include:
1) mapping and data collection with thousands of middle-school and high-school aged youth in Tacoma Public Middle and High Schools
2) GIS instruction and professional development at AMP Centers in Tacoma High Schools
3) neighborhood scale planning and action activities
4) data analysis and visualization.

At the University of Washington Tacoma, AMP is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students and alumni who are passionate about issues of livability, equity, and voice in marginalized communities.

AMP activities include neighborhood sketch mapping with thousands of middle-school and high-school aged youth, producing maps and indicators of youth perceptions and experience, providing for-credit extra-curricular activities at AMP Centers in high schools, and conducting data collection analysis and visualization projects alongside community partners.

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