Matt Kelley, PhD - Principal Investigator

Associate Professor
Urban Studies, UW Tacoma

After earning a Ph.D. in Geography from Pennsylvania State University in 2007 and then spending a year teaching at Bucknell University, Matt Kelley came to UW Tacoma.
He directs and teaches in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate Program, where his teaching focuses largely on the application of geospatial technologies and geographic information systems to urban social and environmental problems. His research is similarly focused on the role that emerging technologies can play in the urban community development process.
He has worked extensively with community organizations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Tacoma to think creatively about utilizing digital tools in their day-to-day operations, to both improve the effectiveness of their outcomes and amplify the voices and knowledge of local residents.
Dr. Kelley's recent research activities have aimed to engage critically with the ways that conventional spatial data are used to represent, and mis-represent, distressed urban neighborhoods.

Leslie Kirk - Graduate Project Manager

Graduate Student, MSc Geospatial Technologies
UW Tacoma

Leslie Kirk is a senior at University of Washington Tacoma, where she is majoring in Sustainable Urban Development.
She has been active in both CIVITAS as the organizations’ Community Outreach Coordinator, and GIS Society as President. Last year she received the Urban Studies Director’s award for Academic Excellence.
Besides raising her two young daughters, her outside interests include the local music scene and vegan baking/cooking. Several years ago, Leslie studied Audio Engineering and Music Business at Shoreline Community College.
Upon graduation in June 2018, she will receive a Bachelor or Arts degree and a Certificate in Geospatial Information Systems. Her future includes attending graduate school and beginning a GIS career that helps brings social equity into the urban planning process.

Matt Seto - Geospatial Manager

Graduate Student, MSc Geospatial Technologies
UW Tacoma

Matt is a currently a graduate student at University of Washington-Tacoma in the Geospatial Technologies program and scheduled to complete a Master of Science in summer 2018.
He graduated from UWT with a BS in Computer Science and has worked in the industry for a Seattle-area startup creating secure file sharing products for Fortune 500 companies.
In his spare time Matt can be found in the mountains, on a bike, or on skis.
Learn more about him and his work on his portfolio

Augustine Canales - Community Mapping Mentor

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Social Welfare, UW Tacoma

Augustine Canales is a junior at the University of Washington- Tacoma, currently majoring in Social Welfare and working towards a Certificate in Geospatial Information Systems. He is an active member in the both the GIS and Mockingbird societies.
Outside of school his main focus is his family; he and his wife Mindy have three children, Zant (17), Mariana (12), and Santiago (11). Other interests include camping, hiking, fishing, traveling, or any outdoor activity.
After graduating in 2019, he plans on applying for graduate school and eventually wants to integrate what he has learned about GIS with Social Welfare in order to help further his future career.

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