About AMP

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AMP Centers are being established in each of the high schools in the Tacoma Public School District, and are becoming the hubs for the production of new data and knowledge about youth experiences and perceptions of neighborhood spaces and pathways in and around Tacoma.

AMP Centers are staffed by community mapping teams comprised of undergraduate community mapping mentors from UWT and high school student community mappers. The teams are charged with producing an annual set of maps that reflect the everyday lives of middle and high-school aged youth within their school's catchment area.

High school community mappers are taught how to use industry-leading GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software, and are given pathways to higher education at UW-Tacoma.

The data and maps produced by AMP are made public annually, and are expected to inform a host of community-based, municipal, and planning-oriented agencies that are engaged in efforts to improve the livability of Tacoma area neighborhoods.


Data Collection

Annual data collection of how youth aged 11-18 use, experience, and percieve spaces and pathways within high school catchement areas.

STEAM Education

Community Mappers will be engaged in the science, technology, and mathematics of spatial analysis and the art of cartography and visual design.

College Pathways

Community Mappers will make connections with college students and professors, while building skills necessary for admission to Urban Studies at UW Tacoma.


This project will frame research questions and create and analyze geographic data, while using geographic information to create positive community change.

Community Partners: